Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Sunday todo list.

My sleeping habbits have been so out of wack lately. I can't sleep at night and then I sleep way too late in the day time. I guess it's not as bad as it was. Earlier this week I was going to bed at 5 am and waking up around 2pm. Not really the way I wanted to spend my day... sleeping. My last day of class is on Tuesday. And it's also the last day to register for classes. So I need to take a math placement test yet again to try and get out of this math class that I do not want to take... at all, not even a little bit. But here goes.
Sunday's todo list
Study Math
Clean bedroom
Do Laundry
Work on Screenplay
To be honest I will probably only get part of all of those done. Just part of the math I wanted to get done, and my bedroom will probably get mostly clean and I will do a little laundry and only a few pages of the screenplay. So this is how my Sunday will play out. Wish me luck.