Thursday, January 8, 2009

From not too long ago

I’ve heard of people partying the night before and then waking up still drunk the next day, but I never believed it. That is until this morning…
Last night was family bowling night in Marshall and I went out before any of my family would meet me there. It was good to see old family friends that I hadn’t seen in awhile. I also ran into a couple of friends who I had written off some time ago. Patrick had come back from the city for a bit. Ryan was there as well but I knew that Ryan hadn’t gotten sucked in by Chicago. And if you can imagine, Adam was with the two of them.
I had seen Adam a few nights ago when I went to pick up Joel at Hustlers. And when I say I saw him, I mean I saw him standing outside of Hustlers and hoped that he hadn’t seen me. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing old friends. I just feel that there’s a time and a place for it. And I didn’t think that me being a DD at three in the morning was one of those times. Seeing Joel was good, just as it always is. It was drunk Joel though. Usually drunk Joel and not drunk Joel are two different people. Drunk Joel once tried to make out with me, even though sober Joel is clearly gay. Drunk Joel this time, well he felt that he should tell me what he really thought of his aunt. Seeing as his mother’s brother and her were going through a some what complicated separation. I do love Joel drunk or not, make no mistake about that. In the previous months I have come to realize just how special it is to have a friend that has known you throughout your whole life.
Seeing Ryan, Patrick, and Adam though, in the flesh. Well it was brought on a warm familiar feeling that could only come from a place deep deep in my heart. I hugged Patrick, thankful he was there. He seemed equally excited to see me. We had both escaped our small town childhood’s in search for something bigger. Patrick and Ryan bickered like always, and Adam still had this aloof way about him. Like he was just existing in his own existence. It didn’t take long until we were all drinking. Okay let me rephrase that. It didn’t take long till I was drinking. I think they had been drinking before they even went to the bowling alley. Adam announced that he would be having a party at his house. I was somewhat reluctant to go. Adam had clearly made a pass at me last year, and it was the thought of this that made me somewhat paranoid.
It was probably ten or so when we went to Adam’s house. Lucas, Melissa, JB, Zach Jones and Ryan McKinney were there already. I hated to admit it but as much as I hated this small and town and most things about it, it was so good to see so many familiar faces. Most of the people I knew from only high school, but Ryan I had known since I was four. Ryan had filled the margins of many notebook pages in the fifth grade. Ryan was a previous childhood crush. Inside, the boys wasted no time blaring some music that I didn’t pay too much mind to. As a group of us gathered around the table to play some ridiculous drinking game, Adam danced around, apparently feeling the music. The game began. It was some games where rules were added as you played. If you mess up or forget the rule, you drink. Pretty much the premise to any drinking activity. Some guy next to me, someone I had probably gone to high school with at some time or another… He was showing me his iphone, and some video on you tube at what I guess was an attempt to empress me. It just made me forget the rule and thus lead to more drinking.
It wasn’t until the cops showed up that I got paranoid and seriously considered just calling for a ride home. But my attention was distracted when Ryan and Patrick announced we would be going to their house. I was nervous. Mostly for the fact that I hadn’t been there in so long, and some minor but important little details of my life happened there. Not that I would let anyone know that.
It was more drinking and more games at Patrick’s house. Watching everyone, it was weird. We had all grown up. Ryan had a girl friend which was weird. Ryan’s brother who I had seen the day before had a girlfriend which was weird. And what was even more weird was that Michael had a girlfriend. That one got to me the most I think. He had been such a (for lack of a better term) player in high school that it was weird to think of him as serious with anyone.
The last thing I remember last night was passing out in the recliner. I think I woke up about five in the morning to watch JB put himself to sleep on the hardwood floor. Ick. I went back to sleep praying for sun light to come soon so I could call my mom to come pick me up. When I woke up again, I was eight. No luck on the ride though.
I sat in the recliner for another hour, trying to make sure I hadn’t done anything too stupid the night before. I couldn’t remember doing anything all that bad. I went back into Patrick’s room and sat on his bed playing with his phone, it wasn’t too long until he woke up. I went back into the living room a short time later and tried to fall back to sleep only to realize the world was spinning.
And for the first time in my life… I was still drunk from the night before.

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The Notorious JNB said...

Your Mom is too cute in this picture.

And I for sure thought that Ryan Guthrey was Steven Blackerby..