Saturday, December 20, 2008

the road I'm on

In seven days with will have been one year since I went to North Carolina, to yet again start over. But even in seven days, I will still have a home there. I will still call my tiny little apartment my home. It's funny because I haven't had that much stability about much in a long time. Sure there's always family, I won't doubt that, and this tiny town that I'm currently at. But for such a long time, I have always been going somewhere else or moments away from leaving. To do this day, I'm never all that sure as to how long I will be in one place. A paper might say one thing, but I could always have something completely different in mind.

I decided to come home for the holidays and it's been so much fun seeing my friends and family. I had been back last August so I figured this trip wouldn't be such a big deal. It was the night before I left however that made me think back over the last semester. So much has happened. I am in no way the same girl now that I was then. Back then had you asked me to tell you what an HD camera shot at, I couldn't have told you. I still have alot to learn. It's just nice to be able to look back and know I'm moving forward.

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