Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The divorced male

There has to be something about the divorced guy.

I remember as a kid when I would be forced to go over to my fathers house every Wednesday and every other weekend, no matter how hard my dad might have tried, it never felt like home. It's only now, years later that I realize just how hard he tried. Since I've started this new life on my own, I have been friends with at some point or another, two divorced guys. It's funny because both apartments looked the same in the since that it was a guys attempt to make a place look nice. And each of these places remind me of my dads house. Is that weird at all? With male #1, he had a son. A son who loved to call me mama. I didn't hate it, but it did freak me out. and male #2 has two daughters that he never sees. Does that sound familiar? I would think of my father with both of these guys, and think of how old he was then in relation to how old these guys were. It doesn't seem like that long ago, it really feels like yesterday that I was counting down the days to when I was fourteen so that I could make my own decision as to whether or not I wanted to visit my father every other weekend.

The men always call their ex wives crazy, and maybe they are/were. But that also makes me wonder... Did my dad ever sit around a table at a bar (probably so far) and talk with his friends who vary in age 18-34 about how crazy his ex wife (my mother) was, and everyone would just assume he was right. Because after all he is divorced right?

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