Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Big Ol' box of Crayons

I was sitting in the movies tonight watching Sex and the City. I laughed, I almost cried. And as I walked out of the theater with a friend beside me I realized how long it had been since I had really laughed the way I did tonight. And I couldn't help but be happy. I finally feel like moving here wasn't a mistake. I don't know that at any one point I ever thought "wow this was a mistake" but there were several times when I honestly had my doubts. I'm so thankful for this feeling. While I was sitting in the theater, during the previews my friend leaned over to me and said "Next time you want to go on a random road trip. Call me first and I'll come with you" wow. I think I'm just happy to know that I'm not alone. Night world

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