Thursday, May 29, 2008

Money Money Money

It's summer time. I think I just found my first mosquito bite of the summer. So I've made the decision that it's time to go back to Missouri for a little bit in the end of July. I told mom I would come because I was sure I could scrounge up 160 bucks to fly home. All of the sudden though, I'm in a nervous panick to just get enough money to make rent. Am I all that nervous just yet? No. I still have options. Dad's going to give me some money today and I get paid tomorrow. Past that point I'll know if I need to worry. But still even after that I still have a few options. I'm sure if it came down to tooth and nail, mom would help me out. Plus I can always try and give plasma. It doesn't pay much, but it would be enough to help me out. Hell anything is a help at this point. This is the first time in a long time, well I guess the first time really where I'm in a pickle and I'm not just putting in a call for more money, I'm trying to figure this thing out for myself. As overrated as being an adult truly is, I'm lucky. Becuase I know it will all work out.

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