Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So it seems I'm making the six hour journey yet again.

I've started to find home in my little apartment. Maybe it's the fact that it's a mess more than not, maybe it's the clutter that I've come to relate myself with. Don't get me wrong, if I just took the time it would only take me about twenty minutes. Maybe that's why it's last on my todo list. It's the thing that would take the least time.

Onto a new subject. I've searched for months and months for a job that I thought I would never find. At one point I was actually convinced that I would never find a job and would have to move home. It's seems I finally found a job and I've been there for almost two months, and don't get me wrong, I like it and everything. At first though, I loved it because it seemed that everyone was on the same level and that everyone more or less did the same job. Boy was I wrong. I do realize there's management to be done and all of this other stuff, but the whole store pretty much has the same stuff to be done every day. It's been changing a lot lately though. One manager is newly pregnant and I can't tell if it's the hormones or if she's just bitchy. Then there are other managers as well. I do enjoy my coworkers, they're a lot of fun. So next week is my last week of class more or less and I have tons of stuff that has to get done, so right now I'm in desperate search for someone to work for me tonight so I can get some other stuff done. I probably should be working on my paper right now, so I should probably get off here, just thought I'd post, since I hadn't in awhile. I'll try and right again soon.

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