Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscary night

It occurred to me when I was watching the Oscars, that I moved to Wilmington to study film. It occurred to me that one day i would be making movies and possibly be at the Oscars. That would be a dream, I mean I can't even imagine. My mind then went on to wonder what it would be like if I did ever win an Oscar. My first thought was that the audience would see a big dark spot in the front of my dress (note that I should wear a black dress) because I would have wet myself. I mean I don't handle surprises well, okay thats kind of a lie. I handle surprises the way most people do, with excitement. My excitement however, like huge excitement involves me jumping up and down and screaming really loud.
Following a dream is kind of scary from time to time. It's a big dream, whether it's going abroad or studying film with the dire need to make it. It's scary. But it's what you have to do.
I wrote in my journal last night, I hadn't written in a little over a month, I really should be writing in it more often. Thankfully though, the writer in me is starting to come back. I'm starting to take notice to little details about things that could work for me in writing. Like why is it that apology letters from gfs/bfs/ex's are always written on a yellow sheet of paper from a legal pad? Is it just me that notices things like that? I'm not really sure. Well I have to go get ready for class.

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