Monday, December 31, 2007

A year in Review

Okay my people so it seems I'm going out tonight to behave poorly in a new city. So I'm going to take a moment and look back at the last year.

January- I started college in Warrensburg
Feburary- My room mate threatened to stab me, and I moved
March- Went to Florida for Spring Break and drank a little too much
April- "Dated" a Saudi Arabian... that was interesting to say the least
May-Moved home from college, offically graduated highschool, and went to Spain
June- Spent some time in Spain, watched the America's cup
July- Went to Paris at the end of the month
August- Ireland!!! And then I had to go home... :(
September- I got a job, which was one of the worst jobs I'll ever have
October- Went to Wilmington
November- Met Tom's Family
December- Moved into my first Apartment!!!

So there you go, theres my year in review


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just wrote a long comment and then accidentally closed out the Anway I have disappeared! I promise to come back on aim more soon. in the meantime, check out my new blog/project that I am making for work.

- joe

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE A TRANNY. Just kidding. You're pretty cool.

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