Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wilmington, NC

The family and I finally made it out the door today at nine fifteen even though we had planned for seven or eight. A whole day of driving and even now sitting on my bed with my toes freezing in a super 8, we are barely over half way there. YEAH!!! I'm so ready to just get there tomorrow. That I'm actually excited about. I'm sooo ready to start this new life in the south, hell I could be a southern bell, ha, which kind of sounds like a crock. It'll be a good one though, it's like it's just now starting to set in what is happening. I'm really getting excited. But.... yes there's always a but, I still have five hours in the car tomorrow. Ugh five hours. I have no desire to fly home because I hate being without my car and then on top of that, I have no real desire to drive home. this takes way too long.

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Joe said...

Merry Christmas let me know how u like da new crib!