Saturday, December 22, 2007

So weird

Okay so I was at a small party last night, which also happened to be one of the most country parties I've ever been to. So this girl in my sister's class has people start taking shots out of her not so enhanced cleavege and I just sit there and can't believe it. Then she has people comming up to her, 1 dollar 1 shot and taking shots out of her belly button. I just couldn't believe it. And I guess I might have told a few people and next thing you know I'm on the bar about to have some ppl take body shots off me and I hear a man yell out "hell yeah get the bible beater up there!" I cannot believe someone even would ever relate that term to me. Bible beater? Hello my friend you sooooo apparently have no idea who I am? I am the colosal queen, I am #4 who can drink the most on facebook, and to top it off, I am... your worse nightmare. I didn't drink so much last night, despite what might actions might have said. Joel was stumbeling drunk so I had to take him home and then on top of that, I couldn't leave my car out in the middle of no where. Not my baby. Oh yeah and we're doing the family christmas today with my moms family and if I was hung over, I don't think the family would appriceate it all that much. I don't know that they would be all that shocked, but I don't think they'd appriceate it. Ugh... my life is so weird.

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Joe said...

lol #4! i'm very proud