Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let it snow

Despite my friends wishes I had been hoping for snow before Christmas. I just wanted to see everything blanketed in white atleast once before I head south. Well today as I was getting ready for class I finally got my wish. It was snowing!! I was so excited, like a little kid on Christmas, I just couldn't wait to get out side and walk in it. It had just started to stick and it was still comming down hard. The big white fluffy flakes. I watched as it just kept snowing. I looked on the weather forcast and it said that its supposed to snow and rain until next wednesday. I'd made plans to run home monday but depending on the weather. The trip home might have to run home. I'm supposed to move home Thursday but what if it's ALL ice. Just the same though it was snowing. My attitude changed as soon as I stepped outside however. It was cold and my nose stung. Just the same it was snowing so I coulnd't help but smile. Even when the sky is grey the snow still makes everything magical. Then it started to rain and the raid only mean ice.YEA. Well thats all I've got. I hope all of you get snow at some point this season.


Shivering From NY said...

snow is overrated! bring on the thick humid, southern summer heat. mmmmm

Polytheist from YourMothersville said...

Shivering, you are an idiot. I think of it this way: Each separate lattitudinal region is ruled by a different God, who happens to control the weather patterns for his region. And some gods like their humans dressed in fur coats, others like them in bathing suits. They are weird like that.