Saturday, December 22, 2007

Isolation in a word

I hate that i blog about this so often... or atleast I feel like I do.

the separation of a nation from other nations by isolationism.

My brother and sister seem to clique really well. And mom has fucking Tom... and I'm pretty sure I can put that quite litterally "fucking!". And somehow I'm here, at times trying to reach out while wishing I could stay in my secret little hole forever. My rabit hole. My rabit hole is probably me speaking spanish with those who make me feel like I belong... don't ask about the Spanish thing, I just think it would be that way. I hate that I feel this way around my family, I really do, and worst of all people either 1) think I'm over reacting because they don't get it or 2) they get and understand why I feel this way. Well I'm digging my new rabbit hole... I'm digging it south.

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