Monday, December 31, 2007

A year in Review

Okay my people so it seems I'm going out tonight to behave poorly in a new city. So I'm going to take a moment and look back at the last year.

January- I started college in Warrensburg
Feburary- My room mate threatened to stab me, and I moved
March- Went to Florida for Spring Break and drank a little too much
April- "Dated" a Saudi Arabian... that was interesting to say the least
May-Moved home from college, offically graduated highschool, and went to Spain
June- Spent some time in Spain, watched the America's cup
July- Went to Paris at the end of the month
August- Ireland!!! And then I had to go home... :(
September- I got a job, which was one of the worst jobs I'll ever have
October- Went to Wilmington
November- Met Tom's Family
December- Moved into my first Apartment!!!

So there you go, theres my year in review

Friday, December 28, 2007


Despite any doubt I might have had (and trust me there was alot) I finally made it to Wilmington, and so far I love it. I'm so glad to just be somewhere new. And so far I haven't gotten lost which is a plus. I walked into the apartment last night and was disgusted by how small it was. But... once I started getting all of my stuff put away and everything in it's place, its all comming together now. I mean my bathroom looks great for instance (thats the only room that is really looking ok). theres just so many damn boxes. Oh well thats all I've got right now, I need to go get dressed right now.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wilmington, NC

The family and I finally made it out the door today at nine fifteen even though we had planned for seven or eight. A whole day of driving and even now sitting on my bed with my toes freezing in a super 8, we are barely over half way there. YEAH!!! I'm so ready to just get there tomorrow. That I'm actually excited about. I'm sooo ready to start this new life in the south, hell I could be a southern bell, ha, which kind of sounds like a crock. It'll be a good one though, it's like it's just now starting to set in what is happening. I'm really getting excited. But.... yes there's always a but, I still have five hours in the car tomorrow. Ugh five hours. I have no desire to fly home because I hate being without my car and then on top of that, I have no real desire to drive home. this takes way too long.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Isolation in a word

I hate that i blog about this so often... or atleast I feel like I do.

the separation of a nation from other nations by isolationism.

My brother and sister seem to clique really well. And mom has fucking Tom... and I'm pretty sure I can put that quite litterally "fucking!". And somehow I'm here, at times trying to reach out while wishing I could stay in my secret little hole forever. My rabit hole. My rabit hole is probably me speaking spanish with those who make me feel like I belong... don't ask about the Spanish thing, I just think it would be that way. I hate that I feel this way around my family, I really do, and worst of all people either 1) think I'm over reacting because they don't get it or 2) they get and understand why I feel this way. Well I'm digging my new rabbit hole... I'm digging it south.

So weird

Okay so I was at a small party last night, which also happened to be one of the most country parties I've ever been to. So this girl in my sister's class has people start taking shots out of her not so enhanced cleavege and I just sit there and can't believe it. Then she has people comming up to her, 1 dollar 1 shot and taking shots out of her belly button. I just couldn't believe it. And I guess I might have told a few people and next thing you know I'm on the bar about to have some ppl take body shots off me and I hear a man yell out "hell yeah get the bible beater up there!" I cannot believe someone even would ever relate that term to me. Bible beater? Hello my friend you sooooo apparently have no idea who I am? I am the colosal queen, I am #4 who can drink the most on facebook, and to top it off, I am... your worse nightmare. I didn't drink so much last night, despite what might actions might have said. Joel was stumbeling drunk so I had to take him home and then on top of that, I couldn't leave my car out in the middle of no where. Not my baby. Oh yeah and we're doing the family christmas today with my moms family and if I was hung over, I don't think the family would appriceate it all that much. I don't know that they would be all that shocked, but I don't think they'd appriceate it. Ugh... my life is so weird.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the road again...

So it seems its time for me to pack up and leave again. I swear I could write stories about me packing up and leaving all the time, who knows maybe someday I will. Speaking of which, I haven't touched the Mexico story in ages. Well... I moved home from Warrensburg last week and next week I'm moving to North Carolina. Bite my tounge but I'm ready to stay put and put some roots down. So here's to putting everything in the past. I heard some sad news today, Kim commited suicide, I hadn't talked to her in awhile and sad to say I'm not that surprised, she wasn't headed down a good route. Ali and I are going book shopping tomorrow (my favorite kind) and that should be funny and then Grammy and I are going clothes and other stuff shopping on Wednesday. Right now my biggest question is. WILL LEE GET PACKED IN TIME? Tune in next week to see if Lee and the family make it in the uhaul. dun dun dun. Night world sleep tight

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let it snow

Despite my friends wishes I had been hoping for snow before Christmas. I just wanted to see everything blanketed in white atleast once before I head south. Well today as I was getting ready for class I finally got my wish. It was snowing!! I was so excited, like a little kid on Christmas, I just couldn't wait to get out side and walk in it. It had just started to stick and it was still comming down hard. The big white fluffy flakes. I watched as it just kept snowing. I looked on the weather forcast and it said that its supposed to snow and rain until next wednesday. I'd made plans to run home monday but depending on the weather. The trip home might have to run home. I'm supposed to move home Thursday but what if it's ALL ice. Just the same though it was snowing. My attitude changed as soon as I stepped outside however. It was cold and my nose stung. Just the same it was snowing so I coulnd't help but smile. Even when the sky is grey the snow still makes everything magical. Then it started to rain and the raid only mean ice.YEA. Well thats all I've got. I hope all of you get snow at some point this season.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007


Finals are comming up!!! Can you tell just how excited I am? Well if you can't, then you're the smart one because really I'm not all that excited. My first final still isn't until a week from Wednesday but yet I'm already starting to study and I have no idea why. Maybe it's me hopping I can do better. I'm really hoping I can get my extra credit assignment done in time. It seems I'm really moving. My mom told me today she was going to pack a box of kitchen stuff for me. I'm so excited!!! I have been apting to buy a TV even though my mom has this getto old one that she wants me to take. So here's what I've been thinking. I'll take the old one for my living room and the new one for my room... I dont even know that I really even want one for my room. I'm totally over thinking this issue. I am so glad that I finally have boys out of my head. I miss what he and I could have been, but he made me want to stay and that would have been me breaking my biggest rule (you stay for no one) and I couldnt have that. So yes it'd be nice to still have him around at this time, but it makes leaving so much easier. Well thats all I have for now. I'm going to go work on my extra credit for a big.