Thursday, November 15, 2007

A world all its own

I think we all have a book that changed our lives, I mean it made us think in a new way and made us want to strive to be more, do more. And as much as I hate to say this because it goes to prove something to all my English teachers who use to prod at me to read more in high school (even though I read a great deal, I just didnt like the assigned reading), its usually the classics. The first book that every changed me however was "This Lullaby" by Sara Dessen. I have no idea why but there was something about the eight teen year old smart ass Remy that I fell in love with. That was in the eighth grade however, even though I still read it to this day. A more recent book however was little women. It taught me what it could mean to be humble... well really I dont know what it taught me, but it's usually the best things that leave you clueless. I'm dying to read "A Christmas Carol" before Christmas for the simple fact that I havent read it yet. Well I fear I must go, sleep seems to be pulling at my pant legs. G'night all.


Joe said...

That book for me was "Lost in the Funhouse" by John Barth. Although admittedly, I was busy looking for 'the book' when I found it, so I guess that means it didn't exactly trigger that change for me, but definitely helped move it in a particular direction.

Also, to get a picture in your profile, you have to upload a photo into a post(and either publish it or save it as a 'draft'), then in edit mode, click on the tab "edit html". You'll see a bunch of crazy-looking code. The second address ending in .jpg is the one you want to copy and paste into your profile picture blank. It took me 5 tries to find the correct line of code so keep trying!

I'm surprised they make it so difficult for us computer noobs, but the result is a gratifying sense of fulfillment when you succeed. Nice picture btw, your chin is normal-sized lol :)

Joe said...

hey yeah JoeVagabond626 AIM, and I can't remember my Messenger...heh, can't say i've used it in 2 years. gmail is prob the best way to be in touch. ttyl