Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Transition period

A person tonight questioned me on whether or not I am truly happy. I mean we all say we're happy don't we? We all tell everyone around us how we're fine and how things are going good for the simple reason that they don't really care. It's to our friends however that we confide or true emotional being. Well I thought about it and decided, I am happy. It's just weird right now, I'm in a period I like to call transition period. It's a time of getting ready to leave, leaving, and getting readjusted and going through the motions of "culture shock" (something I learned about when going abroad and I believe it applies to most things). Right now I'm in the process of cutting ties with people and starting to plan my packing and where things will go and I'm starting to imagine what my very own apartment will feel like, what it will be like to be alone. It's starting over, all over again. I don't feel much in either way of being excited or being scared, I just feel ready.

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Joe said...

transition is always stressful. even if it is a good thing, the stress of adapting and stuff...that takes a toll. good luck!