Sunday, November 18, 2007

thoughts on me

For those of you who know me know I'm suffering/living with a blessing a curse. I call this thing wonder lust, or just being a nomad. Many people comend me for this saying that they wish that they could just be able to travel around. Yada yada. Here's my thoughts on it, traveling alot and constantly being on the move, is excited, and it keeps my blood pumping, but it's also exhausting. A friend once asked me why I do it. Why do I get connected and then leave. It struck me as odd and all I could think to say was "its what I do". Many might assume that because I move alot that I must not have close friends. On the contrary, I have friends that I cherish with my life. The idea of leaving these kinds of friends is always frightening. What if I never see this person again? Hah!! I've been facing that question for a long while since I was 16. When I came back to Warrensburg, I said that I would be here for atleast a year. I haven't been in the same place for more than a year since I was 16. But this next move is it for awhile, I'm giving Wilmington, NC atleast three years, no less. I need to settle a bit. I honestly have no idea what I'm always running from. Well so much for insomnia. Night ya'll

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Joe said...

hey look at the bright side! at last being a nomad is better than being a nohappy. HAHA yippeee! I'm so nomad i could just sing! in fact i am singing! la la la