Sunday, November 4, 2007

More than a memory

I close my eyes, and the world slips away from me. I search for that little moment of happiness in my mind, that little pocket where the memory is tucked away somehwere. Oh where is it? Come on I know I left it somewhere if only I could... oh there it is. My best friend's arm is wrapped around my neck, we both smile into the camera, documenting a memory we would both long to have again with our intire beings. She spoke portugese, I spoke English but somehow between broke spanish, she got me. And I guess you could say I got her too. Her and I had lots of little moments but one strikes me as a specific...

I would be leaving Mexico in three weeks and her and I had decided to brake the rules and go on a one day shopping trip. In six months she had grown to know me better than most ever have or ever will. She knew me in a time that was so crucial to my being, she knew me when I transformed into a crazier version of the person I am now. Well the memory, her and I had stopped off at a starbucks after a sucessful day of shopping. We each got the same thing, Chai Tea Latte's, which I still drink to this day. I mentioned how many days I had left, and how long it would be before we would see each other again. The idea of leaving her seemed so completely foreign. I couldn't remember my life for her, and I didn't want to. Friends like these dont come around often. I looked at her and said "What will you do when I'm gone and no one can go shopping with you?" what I really meant was, What will we do without eachother? She looked out the window, sipping her tea, she had this distant look in her eyes, only for a brief moment. and then said "Oh Lee" and by the tone I knew she would be sad, but the tone also let me know that our time together had not been wasted.

I cherish all my friends with all my heart, I truly do, but different friends just know me in different ways.

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