Monday, November 12, 2007

living on a deadline

Alas I'm writing again, and for the first time in awhile... I'm excited about it. I'm even at the point where I'm starting to make deadlines for myself. So... that's not much about living on a timeline. When I was sixteen I found out I would be moving to Mexico, so from December when I found out to August when I actually went, my life revolved mostly around me just getting to Mexico. Then once I got to Mexico it was how long I'd been there and then after that christmas it was how long till I would go home. Once I got home it was how much longer till I start school and then how much longer till I got out of school and then how much longer till I moved to college. Then once I got to college I decided I was going to spain for the summer, thus another count down, and it was the same way in spain... kind of, I was better about living in the moment and absolutly loooooved Paris and Dublin. Then I came back, convinced I would be here for atleast a year and then I wasn't even home three weeks and I was already planning to move again. Confused? You should try being me. So is this moving a psycological thing or is it just life? I'm ready to settel down for awhile, in North Carolina. I hope I like it because for a bit thats where I'm going to make my self stick. Well night all.

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