Friday, November 9, 2007

Blind sighted by my hind sight

So I came home for the night and a friend came over to visit with me. You see this friend is still in high school. We're in the middle of our conversation when she gets a call about some party. So suddenly I'm going to a high school party. I figured I'd stop by, say hi to a few people and then leave. Well this friend and I get there, and I say hi to like one person and then everyone starts freaking out because there's cops. So I haven't been drinking, but I'm not stupid either, so I leave. Well this punk high school kid parked like a block away and so this friend and I can't find our cars. She's running, so I'm running to keep up. And alas we find our cars and cut across some yard because they're a street over. Well theres a fince. And there's a cop car with in seeing distance from my car. So I tell my friend Im going to jump the fence (which I really need to learn how to do a running jump over a fince) but really i just climbed over it. So I get my car and go around the block to pick up my friend.

It's funny. Ninety percent of all parties that I went to in High School were when I was studying in Mexico, so needless to say, I've never been to a party that got busted by the cops. These kids were so stupid tonight. 18 year old kids drinking beer on the yard while cops are circling the block. stupid stupid stupid. So heres my question now. How did I become this person? The person who suddenly sees high school parties as stupid and pointless? I mean hell my older brother pretty much went to high school parties till he moved to California (at 22). When we were of that state of mind (becuase i spent my 18th year depressed so I was that state of mind before I was 18) how do we not see how stupid we are being? Just watching them tonight made me feel old. I mean granted their only a year younger than me... oh fuck it, I've clearly lost my train of thought and this is going no where. Good night everyone

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Joe said...

So your hindsight was looking back on highschool parties (when you and your brother thought they were fun), and that blinded you almost to the point where you got arrested? Excellent end to the post btw lol. I might steal that one.