Friday, October 12, 2007

You can't go home again

People always say you cant go home again. I never paid it much mind till I came back from Mexico and I dont feel like I've been at home since. Not only is that bad but I cant even watch the TV in my own fucking home. Isnt that retarded. My moms new fiance, he's a great guy and I really do like him, he's nice and makes my mom happy, but he had turned our house into a freakin technological play house. I cant even turn on the damn TV because theres like five remotes and I have no idea how any of them work. My mom is also delusional from time to time and has no concept of when things were baught. She has in her head that our black DVD player is new, when the deusch bag of an ex boy friend baught that for us, it was our first DVD player and the second one, the coloring isnt right on it, so it feels like youre watching an old 80s retro film. God I hate comming home. I know it sounds bad, and it can be okay sometimes, but more times than not its just a big headache. I think my problem is I get these romantisized images in my head of what home is supposed to look like and its never like that. This fucking sucks.

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