Saturday, October 20, 2007


I had a moment yesterday. I'm hoping it was just a moment, a fleeting one. I'm hoping it didn't mean anything, when it might have. A friend and I were running towards each other with our arms open... like in the movies, and then unexpectedly, he lifted me up and then spun me in a circle. Totally didn't expect it. He told me he got caught up in the moment. I've know him since last year... my moment was with him, but it was the moment later that sent me to tears. I was at my job and realized everything I was leaving. What if I don't have friends like these where I'm going? What if it's not what i like? should I stay? That thought actually crossed my mind... should I stay? I don't think I will but just the idea floating in my head scared the shit out of me. Life is happening and I'm loving it. But I'm also enjoying the idea of starting over and then theres this little voice thats saying "again". I've done the whole starting over thing, I did it in a country where no one even spoke my language but they knew me all too well. Scary isn't it? Well I'm going to get off here. Much love

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