Saturday, October 27, 2007

Running on Faith

I think we all come to a moment in our lives when we feel like we're running on nothing but faith. We're putting out whole being into our faith in the hope that god, or some other higher being will get us to where we're going, whether or not it's where we're supposed to be. I need every leap of faith that I have in me to get me to where I'm going. I'm scared out of my mind at the idea of not being able to just pick up and drive home. Theres moments when I'm hom that I can't imagine ever being away from it. I'm so in love with the people and so inticed with the flavor they bring to my life. How could I ever live wihtout them? I'm not sure, but I think I'll have to figure it out. I was at a visitation yesterday and somebody mentioned that there were four coolers of beer at the house after the house after the visitation. What the hell? Who says things like this? I'll tell you who. My people. The people I grew up with, some of the stuff they say is so messed up I can't even place it, but that is the exact reason I love them. They add such a rich tastefull flavor to my life and I don't know that I could ever trade that for anything.

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