Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's what you do to me

I was talking to Ying today on the internet and I told her how the memory of her and her host brother had slipped into my mind, and I went on to explain how her host brother had changed me. Best kisser yet, hands down. She said she thought Seth had changed me, when he had. It didn't stop there though, it was Oscar, Dorian, Johnson, Max, My Max, Fernanda, my third host family, Ying, Kim, it all changed me. It changed me as a person. So what happens when you go away for a short time and everything changes? Not everything where you came from, but everything about ones self. I came home from Mexico and i was thinking about who I would have been had I not gone to Mexico and I honestly had no idea, I mean not one iota of a clue. For something to change you that much that you can't even invision what life would be like without it, that's something huge. Something that just doesn't go away over night. My friend "Penelope" and I have often beaten down, over analyzed, and picked apart how depressed we were after our year abroad. We haven't been the same since. We can't hold still. Is there consiquences to being a nomad? I mean didn't they die out? That's not saying too much about myself. I talked to a good friend this evening and he explained that he was going to Puerto Rico over the next summer, I was panged with envy but went on to explain that in reality he wouldn't even be leaving the United States. Us nomad are far and few in between and we're dying out. Help me. Help me. For the first time though I feel like I can finally really stand on my own two feet and just be myself and be ok with who that is. Well it's nappy time. Bon note

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