Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The age of innosence

This is for those of you who were born between 1982-1992 you know what TGIF is. I don't mean Thank God It's Friday, or even TGI Fridays, I mean the abc program that was on once a week and always had the best shows. It was a time when the weekends had the best television programs. Abc's TGIF on Fridays and Nickalodean' Snick on Saturday's. What a great time to be a kid huh? Recently, a friend of mine found and downloaded all seven seasons of Boy Meets World for me, and I have no idea why but I absolutly love that show. I'm sure it's not just me talking. I'm sure there are plenty of girls out there who were absoluty in love with shaun at one point, guys who wanted to have a girlfriend as "hot" as Topanga or Rachel. It was the age of innocence. I show that aired during a time that sexual inuendos were almost unheard of and rarely even shown.

I remember when the final episode of Boy Meets World war airing... I was at a dude ranch. I remember I was so mad because you had to be 13 to sit in the hot tub and I was merely 11. I was convinced I would come back in two years when I was 13, it was such a long time away. 13 seems like light years ago. Time goes so fast its unbelievable.

On the subject of old school TV shows, I'm going to dare to take a small little trip down memory lane. Salute Your Shorts, a tv show based on a bunch of kids at summer camp, with a groutchy counceler, based on camp Onawana. And during the summer on Nickalodean, there was Stick stickly. Hey Dude, a small show about a bunch of kids on a dude ranch. The original cast of All That... good times. Well now that memory lane is closed, I'm going to finish my current episode of Boy Meets World and hit the sack

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