Sunday, September 30, 2007


I need to be sleeping, like right now I should be in lala land because I have to be in a work tomorrow at nine am. God I already hate this job thing. Maybe I'll feel better when I get a pay check. I went home with Tiffani tonight that was a good time and then her and I got back here.

Oh man... I just slip my foot across the floor and big splinter of glass got stuck in my foot. Ow ow ow. So then there's blood and I'm walking on the side of my foot to the bathroom, ready to learn my first aid skills that I learned today at job training. Little known fact, you're not supposed to use poroxide on a cut, I guess it takes away the wrong germs. Which would have been nice to know last year when I put it on a skinned knee, and now I have a nast scary. Well not it seems I'm supposed to use soap and water. So I'm scrubbing my clinuqe face wash soap across a wet paper towl to clean the cut and then apply pressure. There was blood every where, on the floor, on my pants... It's still bleeding, not too bad. Granted I get hurt all the time, but I'm still a big baby. I hope I got all the glass out. I learned how to potentially save a life today... scary. Ty laughed at the idea of me giving another person mouth to mouth (I haven't learned that part yet, but I'm getting there).

But like I was saying before my randome spurt of 'ouch', Tifani and I went to her place today and I got a Tea at Starbuck (Tazo Chai Tea Latte is amazing) and it was nine thirty when I finished it and I knew I'd be up for a bit. I've never liked coffee, ever, but lately I've been becoming a big tea drinker. I've never really considered myself a drinker of anything, I mean besides the alcohol on ocasion but even that is never consistant. But lately, I havent been able to get through my day without a Tea from the coffee stand in the Union here. They make it special, with steamed milk, no water, it's amazing.
Well I am going to try and get some sleep at this point, if not tomorrow will be nothing but hell. Good night all.